Natural Hair Journey

Natural hair is pretty if it’s taken care of. Lately natural hair has been trending and a lot of people have been giving tips on how to maintain it. It’s inspiring to see women embrace their natural self. Some have capitalized on this “trend” and have started selling organic products for the hair which are way too expensive for me.

In 2016 i used a lot of chemicals on my hair like hair dyes and experienced massive hair breakage.It had a reddish yellowish colour,it looked and felt unhealthy.My hair started to give me stress i couldn’t braid or do cornrows so i decided to cut it all out and start afresh. It was hard for me to cut it because i loved my long hair but it had to be done. I did not cut it all out because i wanted some hair on my head.

I was shy at first cause i wasn’t used to short hair, last had short hair back in secondary school and i hated it. I rocked my short hair after a while because i realized it looked good on me . However after a month i decided to braid my hair,i am a fan of long hair so the goal was to make the short hair long. I had braids for a while till my hair grew pony tail long although i switched up and got weave for a short period, i think they slow down my hair growth

When my hair began to grow i got excited but the problem was i did not have enough knowledge about black natural hair so i hated my hair because all the natural hair girls could style their hair and i couldn’t. I researched more about my hair and it turns out natural hair has types. I had been forcing my my 4c to curl up and it strained me. After my research i learnt to appreciate my hair and do what works for me and to not stress about my hair because stress also affects hair growth and nutrition.

I do not have a precise hair routine because i never have time or money to maintain it but i am still rocking my natural hair anyway. I follow a few natural hair influencers but they seem to always be brand ambassadors for some expensive hair product so i only use coconut oil to mosturize it. Mosturizing is very important to me because i have very dry skin and it extends to my scalp.

Cornrows and magodi(i dont know what they are called in english but grew up calling them ma buns or magodi, thread is used to twist the hair and create cornrow like lines) are my go to always. When i am about to switch hairstyles i go a day or two with cornrows before i get my hair plaitted. They straighten my hair and make it easy to plait.

2 years have gone by and i haven’t had a proper hair routine or kept a calendar like how most natural hair influencers are always talking about. I wash my hair after 6 weeks.I am actually celebrating my Natural hair 2nd year anniversary as i like to call it on the 31st of October which is also my birthday

Natural hair is expensive for me to maintain but i am finding a balance between my wallet and my hair. I am looking forward to trying out different hair regiments until i find one that suits my hair perfectly but for now my only concern is having healthy hair. if there are women out there who have low budget hair maintainance tips kindly share.


Friends from hell

Everyone needs a friend and as humans we already know how to find friends. We are drawn to people either emotionally or intellectually and call them friends but have you ever considered that some people are faking being your friends for their own benefit.

1. People who live by the phrase”keep your enemies close”,are dangerous and definitely not your friend. You don’t see them coming,they are back stabbers and while you busy building they tearing you down. Once they know your weakness they will use it against you.

2. The friend that wants your life. A famous person once said that “you cannot be friends with someone who wants your life”. A person who wants your life will do everything to be you even to the point of tearing you down for example ruin your reputation or even kill if you (if they have pyschotic behaviour)

3. Friends who keep your contact details because they want to see where you are in life are the worst. They will view your status’ but never text or call you. Once you post an achievement they will comment “congratulations i am happy for you babe”.Yes sure they are happy for you.They will never check up on you.

4.The insecure friends who keep in touch to throw their “achievements”in your face and make you feel like you are not doing anything with your life. They wear designer brands,dine at fancy restaurants and tag you. They try to intimidate you with a fake life.

5. “Just pray about it”, yes prayer is important we all know that. There are friends who don’t even care about what you going through emotionally. They will tell you to pray about it. The whole point of having friends is so that one has an emotional humanly anchor but some friends just do not want to be bothered. Yes you pray but you also need support from friends.

Everyone has a friend from hell, at some point we all unknowingly are that type of friend. Friendships like relationships can also be toxic and depressing, avoid friends from hell. Lets be real friends who genuinely love and rejoice

feel free to add more Friends from hell experiences